Text Encryption Tool

Keep it confidential!

Use our Text Encryption to securely encrypt any text from prying eyes.

Encryption Key

This is your key for encrypting and decrypting your text. Don't lose it!

Source Text

This is the text to encrypt / unencrypt

Output Text

copy to clipboard - copied!


  1. Enter your encryption key. Longer, random keys are more secure ("a4Ux8ReMeYU" vs. "mykey")
  2. Encryption: Enter the unencrypted text in Source Text and click Encrypt
  3. Decryption: Enter the encrypted text in Source Text and click Unencrypt
  4. The encrypted / unencrypted text is shown in Output Text

How Secure is this Encryption?

We're using "symmetric-key" encryption, meaning the same key encrypts and unencrypts the text. Symmetric encryption is easier to use (only one key to memorize!), but less secure than some other methods. The security depends largely on the key used - the stronger the key, the stronger the encryption.

What Should I Use this Encryption For?

This tool is great for securing information from casual viewing. It's unbreakable to most people. With that in mind, here's our (incomplete) list of what you should and shouldn't use this encryption for:

  • Private notes between friends / colleagues
  • Private documents on your computer
  • Non-critical usernames / passwords (e.g. your login info to The Onion)
  • Secret text messages
  • Medical records
  • Financial information
  • Critical usernames / passwords (e.g. your login info to your bank)
  • FBI documents

We respect your privacy. We do not collect any text or keys entered here.

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