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Does Google like your site?

Is That a Good PageRank?

Veterinary websites are lower-traffic websites, so comparing them to, say, Amazon is pointless (and demoralizing!). This handy translator will let you know how your site is doing compared with the average veterinary website.

PageRank What's It Mean?
0 Google doesn't think much of you. You're either new, or you need work
1 OK, Google's giving you credibility, but only just.
This is the average veterinary website
2 Good. Google's liking you. This is our minimum goal
3 Great. Google has recognized you're important. Nicely done. You're ranking better than most veterinary websites
4 Yikes! Yer on fire
5 Crazy good. And not likely
6 Generally only veterinary institutions (e.g. the Ontario Veterinary College)
7-9 Keep dreamin'
10 You're Google

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How's your site ranking on Google? Who knows? Now you do.

Simply enter your website's address (e.g. "") into the box and click Check Google PageRank to get your PageRank instantly.

What's PageRank?

PageRank is a number between 0 and 10 assigned to your website by Google. It's one of the key factors to how your website ranks on a Goolge search.

Essentially, when someone searches Google, Google looks up every site it thinks matches the search, and then lists them by PageRank from 10 down to 0. (Basically. It's more technical than that, but the details are gory and boring.)

Vet Web Tip

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