Who says website companies have to be boring?

We know that we may not be the first company you think of for veterinary websites. So to help you remember us and to have a bit of fun, we started iTease!

What Is iTease!?

iTease! is a regular contest. It can be trivia, a puzzle, a riddle, or whatever strikes our fancy. We'll generally stick to veterinary-related topics, but we may occasionally 'stray'.

How iTease! Works

3 guesses received so far. Only 7 to go*

iTease! is simple, like everything we do: Be the first to guess the correct answer, and we'll send you an iPod1. Cool.

Each week or so (when ever we've received at least 10 guesses at the current picture) we'll present a new clue until the iPod has been won, so check back regularly. Only one answer per day per email address will be accepted (if multiple are submitted, only the first will count), so think carefully.

Have fun!

* Want to see the next image? We need 10 guesses, so use the form on the right to tell your friends.


What is this (be specific)?

Don't know? That's okay - check back next week for the next image in the series.


Winning Answer

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1 Some simple conditions apply:

  • To keep things fair, iPod winners cannot win again for 1 year
  • Contest is only open to North American residents
  • The contest is only open to those in a veterinary (or closely related) field
  • The rules can change anytime
  • Have fun!

iTease! Archive

To see past iTease! teasers, check out our Facebook page (look under photos).

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