A message from our president

I'm here to help

I'm a practising veterinarian too

Hi vets. I'm Dr. Hans Christoffersen, the founder and president of Bionex Multimedia.

First and foremost, I'm a practising veterinarian too. Most of my time is spent here at Bionex, but I believe in keeping current in vet medicine too.

I graduated from OVC in 2001 and have worked in all aspects of small animal practice (and dabbled a bit with ruminants), including working as an associate veterinarian, an ER doc, an instructor at the Ontario Veterinary College and, most recently, practising humane society (shelter) medicine.

So why did I start Bionex?

I started Bionex to help vets get online easily. At OVC, I was the go-to guy for web/computer issues. I saw first-hand the typical problems vets were having with web companies and IT departments: Too much techno-babble; not enough problem solving. Boo.

I knew vets wanted to be treated with respect, even if they didn't understand what a "shared server" or "T1 backbone" meant. Vets just wanted to get online simply and have any problems addressed quickly and courteously. That made sense to me.

In the 23+ years since I opened Bionex, I have continually worked to improve our clients' experience by building great web sites targeted to the needs of vets, charging a fair price and providing rock-star support. All without the techno-jargon that I think is too common in the IT world.

I have been lucky enough to meet and even work with many of you. If we haven't met, I'd really like to get to know you. Feel free to contact me directly: hans.c@vetinternet.com.

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A Bit About Me

  • I'm a 2001 OVC Grad - Go Otters!
  • I have a diploma in web IT from Sheridan College
  • I'm married to a veterinary internal medicine specialist
  • We share our home with our daughter (~ 13 years old) and 2 cats
  • I'm passionate about hockey - I play in net most of the time. I learned to play goalie at OVC

Google Goodie: OR What?

Not sure which word to search for? Try "OR": e.g. (Canine OR Dog) Cushings - finds pages with Canine + Cushings and pages with Dog + Cushings. Cool.